About the Band…

For over 20 years The Railriders have been students of the music that was born in the juke joints, ballrooms, and churches of rural America. During the early years of recording, “The South” produced prolific songwriters and musicians who created: Blues, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Bluegrass, Funk, Swamp, Soul, and R&B. All within less than 40 years. Many of the studios that captured the music were in Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and Muscle Shoals and many were gone by 1975. For a time, however, these were epicenters of music. The band is an assimilation of these influences, and the players all bring something special to the sound. Those listed below have kept the band going since 2001.

David Poirier (Guitar and Vocals)
Benny Weber (Bass and Vocals)
Doug Popp (Drums and Noisy Stuff)

Supporting Players: