Electronic Press Kit (EPK):

For over 20 years The Railriders have been students of the music that was born in the juke joints, ballrooms, and churches of rural America. During the early years of recording, “The South” produced prolific songwriters and musicians who created: Blues, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Bluegrass, Funk, Swamp, Soul, and R&B. All within less than 40 years. Many of the studios that captured the music were in Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and Muscle Shoals and many were gone by 1975. For a time, however, these were epicenters of music. The Railriders are an assimilation of these influences, and each player brings something special to the sound.

The Band writes and records songs influenced by these regions. We are members of BMI/ASCAP and as of 2021, the band is based in Memphis, Tenn. We release our music as singles monthly and freely as the marketing of EPs, CDs, Vinyl, etc., is simply not viable anymore; other than as promotional material for live events. We rely solely on the income from merch and performances.

The Band performs primarily as a 4pc (Guitar, Bass, Drums, B-3 Organ) but in its full ensemble a 3 pc horn section steps in and elevates the sound. Many smaller rooms prefer to host the band as a Trio, duo or solo acoustic. Our fees are based on the size of the band, distance, performance time, and if sound reinforcement is needed. The band can provide modest sound and lights for venues of up to 150 ppl.

Studio and Live Performance Examples:

Collard Greens and Biscuit (c):

Lonesome Joe Blues (c):

Stack-0-Lee: Acoustic Duo

The Letter: Trio Live

Walking the Dog: Trio Live

Stage Plot